SPEEDLINK is a full service I.C.T and computer consulting company, providing web design, custom software, database development solutions etc. for our clients.

Our IT assessment is the first-step towards implementing real technology changes to your staff, processes, and department as a whole.

 The benefits of the assessment:

  • Identify key inefficiencies resulting in wasted time and expenses Identify critical bottlenecks that are limiters to growth
  • View a snapshot of your current technology infrastructure, processes, and staff Identify gaps in industry accepted IT management best practices
  • Provide a clear and actionable roadmap for your IT department based on budget and needs

 The IT assessment is performed by:

  • Meeting with you to learn the basics of your business, strategy, and goals Reviewing your existing technology systems and infrastructure Performing interviews with key stakeholders and employees
  • Using best in class industry techniques (Six Sigma, ITIL) to review your business and its operations.

 We provide a detailed Recommendation Report and Executive Presentation tailored to your organization

Consulting Description

The IT consulting engagement will move through several phases. Every organization is unique, including its IT needs, capabilities, and objectives. As a provider, we do not offer canned services; every engagement is custom designed to meet the organization’s specific requirements and goals. However, most engagements do follow a similar process that is described below.

 Appraisal and Planning

During this stage, the current state and desired state of IT performance, security, or other areas that are the focus of the engagement are accessed, and a course for moving from the current state to the desired state is determined. This defines the scope of the consultancy agreement, and clearly defines the responsibility of the Client and responsibility of the Provider during the engagement.

 Objectives and Schedule

 Once ultimate goals are determined, and then intermediate objectives and the timeline for reaching them are established.

 Execution and Metrics

Activities to reach objectives and goals are defined and carried out, including metrics to gauge the success of particular activities in reaching the goal or goals. The consultancy engagement services will involve, but not limited to:

  • Developing strategy
  • Advising and overseeing activities to improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • Present and train industry best practices
  • Software planning
  • Hardware/ software integration
  • Design and development services


•JAVA Business /System Analysis & Design
•Software Requirements Analysis, Elicitation, Architecture and Business Process & Workflow
•Software Integration
•Policies/Processes Reforming and Management
•Capacity Builidng & Training
•Networking/Surveillance systems/ Telecommunications/Fibre/Vsat/Broadband Highspeed Internet installations
•Microsoft Dynamics

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