Schooling is an Essential App for schools and colleges.

It's features are rich and encompasses all the different components of a good students' records management system. The features of the system include the following:

Schooling Solution is a  Student Results and Archive Management System [SRaAMS]


This is an online educational portal designed for Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools that performs 7 basic functions.

(1)Comprehensive Online  Database  of all students

(2)Account management system

(3)Online Examinations

(4)Human Resources Management

(5) SMS feedback system

(6)Student Result view/Printing from any location

(7)Archive of student results from the lowest to the highest academic levels.


* Online/Offline Database of students in all classes

* Easy-to-use Computer based Test Platform

* Result upload, management, printing and quick access from anywhere in the world.

* Results are archived as soon as they are keyed in.

* Parents have direct access to their ward’s academic performance 24/7 from anywhere using their internet enabled PC, mobile phones etc

* Teachers have more time to themselves to do other things order than spending days manually entering students’ results into their result booklets.

* School academic calendar can be set up on the portal.

* School News, adverts, reports can be sent instantaneously to parents via SMS as Portal is SMS-enabled and parents’ numbers are already captured on the database.  A good substitute to sending of hard copy letters which might not get to the parents.

* Improved ICT awareness among students.

* Closer relationship between parents and school management as emails can be exchanged making passage of information easier.

* School has full control over her portal; a reliable school staff is trained by us to handle data management on the school portal.


- Free Technical and maintenance support.

Standard website for school AT A REDUCED COST with customized email addresses & 1 year free hosting for school and a data based website at a reduced cost.

Online presence for the school, this serves as a way of advertizing the school.  Prospective students can easily find and apply to your school.


- Automatically computes cumulative scores and grades according to figures being keyed in.

- Helps you to call-up a particular student’s result at any point in time.

- Student can still view result several years after graduation.

- Rates your school higher than your competitors.

- Reduces the rate of human errors. E.g. miscalculation of cumulative scores.

- Automatically awards remarks to student based on grades.

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