Integration of Secured and Reliable Examination Platform


Since the outbreak of covid 19, online learning has received more attention than ever before. One of the most challenging aspects of online education is the student’s assessment since academic integrity could be violated in online examinations.


Examination Malpractice and Impersonation during Online Examinations


We built a hitch-free proctoring software, at offers students and test takers the freedom to take a proctored exam at any time in any given location, without relying on humans to catch every instance of examination malpractice and impersonation.


The results so far show that we have drastically reduced examination malpractice during online examinations. The solution provided builds the confidence of our client that exams can be taken online without fear of examination malpractice and impersonation.

How it works

Students must take their examinations on a computer with a well-functioning camera and microphone and a strong internet connection.

The software uses facial recognition to authenticate the students and ensure that only verified candidates can take the exam.

The software maintains continuous identity verification and restricts students from accessing other web pages (websites) except the site provided by the examiner.

The software monitors the activities and behaviours of the student and reports anomalies during the exam. Throughout the exam, the software tracks the student’s movements and actions and alerts the students to any irregularities.

 For each student, the software allots a certain amount of time, after which the student is automatically logged out.

A thorough report of the student’s behaviour is made, along with any anomalies (a wide range of occurrences, actions, and patterns that are typically indicative of cheating). are highlighted,
it will be accessed by the examiner for proper grading.

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