Alarm System

…Insecurity won’t take you by surprise

A very important part of building an office, home and even riding a car is to ensure that good alarm system are set in order. No one wants to have a sudden fire outbreak, burglar attack or any threat to life/property without being adequately alerted.

Our partnership with homes, schools, churches, offices, vehicle owners, filling stations, etc., has deflated the hurt of insecurity to the barest minimum. We help you choose intelligent alarm systems that first prevent danger by incessant warnings and which go further to provide swift control solutions if there is a sudden outbreak of an emergency.

We offer you with;

. Security Radar

. Emergency Alarms

. Digital Temperature Compensation 

.Dual Technology and Tri-detection 

. Wired and Wireless Hikvision Intrusion Alarm Panel and detectors 

. Anti-Masking and Anti-blocking 

. Animal-Immune Detection 

The security of your building(s) is truly essential. Invest in it.

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