Speedlink's ERP solution

All-in-one platform for streamlining and increasing the efficiency of your business operations.

Speedlink's ERP solution is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline your business operations and increase efficiency. With our easy-to-use features, you can manage all aspects of your business in one centralized location.

Key Features of
Speedlink's ERP Solution

With so many features and great technical support, you can be confident that the solutions to a seamless company project tracking and budgeting are solved with excellence HR management and procurement platform.

HR Management

With our ERP software, you can manage your employees, clients, and contractors all in one place. Our travel management feature allows you to track travel expenses and bookings, while our interview and job management tool simplifies the hiring process.

Health Care/MOU

Our ERP software also includes a health care management feature that enables you to manage employee health care benefits and MOUs in one easy-to-use app.

Business Development

Our ERP software also includes project management, employee request and contract management, and more. Our project management tool allows you to manage multiple projects from one dashboard, while our employee request and contract management tool makes it easy to keep track of all your contracts and employee requests.


Our ERP software includes a full procurement module that streamlines the request for quotes and procurement process. You can easily manage and track all procurement requests from one centralized location.


Our ERP software simplifies your accounting process by allowing you to manage your invoices, quotes, payments, expenses, and payroll in one place. Our payroll management tool makes it easy to manage employee payroll and track expenses.

Performance Management

Our performance management module allows you to track employee performance, set goals, and provide training and development opportunities for your staff. You can also easily manage employment status changes such as promotions or terminations.

Front Desk

Our ERP software includes a front desk module that allows you to manage appointments, visitor logbook, calls, and emails all in one place.


Our ERP software also includes an events management feature that simplifies the process of managing events. Additionally, our asset and inventory management tool helps you keep track of your inventory and assets.

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Our ERP software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the needs of modern businesses

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