Software installations

Install, update software. No hitches!

If you want to download computer applications swiftly and professionally, Speedlink will do the work for
All our residential users and Speedlink subscribers depend on us to install and configure tons of software
without having to bother about software updates.
To install Web Browsers, Utilities, Developer tools, Online Storage, Media Software, Messaging
software(like Skype and zoom), and a long list of other software applications, we are just the best you
should reach.

With Speedlink Solutions,

  • Your software works immediately after we launch it.
  • Every app is obtained from the official website of each publisher.
  • Applications are installed to their default folder with no unnecessary junk files.
  • An updated program version is installed in the language of your PC or the one you choose.
  • Gain expert advice on software applications.
  • Save your time!
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