Alarm System

A very important part of building an office, home and even riding a car is to ensure that good alarm system are set in order. No one wants to have a sudden fire outbreak, burglar attack or any threat to life/property without being adequately alerted. Our partnership with homes, schools, churches, offices, vehicle owners, filling …

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Video Conferencing

…Seamless face-to-face meetings  Businesses that have workers in different locations need to have meetings from time-to-time, interview job candidates, have negotiations for business deals, and so on.  Video conferencing will solve virtually all the cost burden that traveling to a single location will incur. With the help of this web technology, people can hold face-to-face …

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Digital Marketing

A key instrument for corporate expansion may be digital marketing. Digital marketing includes a wide range of marketing strategies and tools that are used to connect with customers online. It has completely transformed the marketing sector as an approach to online marketing that enables businesses to create a brand identity.  In this course, you will …

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CCTV Installation

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) has become a lucrative area of specialization. The ideal approach to acquiring this specialization is to enroll in CCTV camera installation courses at a recognized school or organization due to the security and relevance of camera installation.  Speedlink solutions offer you the platform for optimal development and maximizing all you need to …

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