Learning Management System

...Learn well. Train well. Save time. Save cost.

…Learn well. Train well. Save time. Save cost.
Learning Management System(LMS) is a software application used to oversee, record, distribute, report,
and track online training courses.
Whether it’s a primary or secondary school, tertiary institution, or any other organization, having a web-
based system that automates learning is cardinal for brilliant, uniform training for your pupils, students
and/or employees.
Speedlink makes training and education more convenient and available to people everywhere by putting
a strong emphasis on digital information and engagement.

Speedlink will help you gather all your educational resources in one location, set customized learning
standards, assess & develop students or employees’ knowledge from time to time, manage and
document test scores, save time and money, improve learning experience, drastically reduce the stress
of administrative work and so on.
For almost a decade, we have helped various schools and organizations build top-level E-learning
platforms. These platforms typically feature the following:

Simple graphic user interface
Up-to-date web standard and technology
Digital library
Teamwork tools and activities
Progress Tracking
Web-based Applications, available on iOS and Android devices
 Homework Attendance
Lesson Planner
Report Cards
Calendar for the school year
Rubrics and personalized dashboard
In-built calendar with notifications
Personal Needs
Student Behaviour update
Help Desk
Badges and Awards
Integrations with Google
 Other numerous services


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